The Great Purge

So I deleted…everything…and the comments went with it. But I felt like starting over. The blog’s been up for twelve years, and now, as we enter our tweens together, it’s time to shake things up a bit.

Like the election last year.

Holy fuck.

I’ll never make fun of dystopian lit again. (Did I ever make fun of it? That doesn’t sound like me.)

I think now more than ever, there’s an urgency to engage critically with what we know and what we don’t. I can’t see myself chilling back while the whole word freaks out. But my way of dealing with change is going to be through arts advocacy and promotion. Because that’s the thing I think is missing more and more in our tech-obsessed culture. People in the streets are fighting for social justice. I respect the struggle. But I want to try spreading a little social mercy to supplement it. And I think the arts are the best means to do it.

So from this point on, you can look forward (or not 😉 ) to book recs, reviews, short essays + vids on our shifting arts culture, and literary news.

Just not tonight. It’s, like, Friday, man…

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